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Secrets of the Undercity

Secrets of the Undercity Cover
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Abandoned and betrayed as a child, Halia seeks revenge. Frustrated by his limited abilities, Oswynn seeks powerful magic. The paths of the thief and apprentice cross when battling an eruption of dangerous half-breed creatures that might destroy an entire kingdom.

Halia seeks revenge against the Terun thief who taught her to steal when she was a child and then framed her for his crimes.

But her personal vendetta is sidetracked when her friend, the hapless apprentice Oswynn, accidentally releases thousands of dangerous creatures from a mystical prison. One of them, a vicious half-dragon, conspires with Halia's archenemy to create the ultimate army of bizarre crossbreeds, including flying sabertooths and stone-skinned wolves.

Despite lies and betrayals, Halia must find allies on a cursed island to help her defeat the legions of unearthly beasts before they destroy civilization.

Secrets of the Undercity is Book Four in Legends of the Four Races, a series of nine high fantasy novels that form an Interlocking Matrix of six separate trilogies. Secrets of the Undercity may be read on its own, as the first book of The Transmuter Trilogy, or as the second book of The Betrayal Trilogy.

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